New project to start the new year

Time to go back to school!

Night via in MA

Seems to be Domino’s normal pose now

Lego progress being made

Lots of detail in this Lego build!

Seems recognizable

Complete with cabins and a…dining room?

Second section almost complete

It’s coming together (after about 1 month of work)

Time to build the bow

About 3/4 done

Stern taking shape!

The finished projects - about 3 months after starting

Lots of grey hairs on Domino

The most common pose

Sleeping in multiple locations

Chaco-taco poking her head out

A new Lego build - a mystery!

Can you tell yet?

Nagini saying hello

Melting Pot in Houston - to get a new family member

Callisto is a little shy

Callisto getting a little more comfortable around us

Label 26

Callisto quickly followed Domino’s lead when people are eating

Close up

Back to work on the new Lego build (some clues can be seen)

Close up of Chaco-taco

When a car breaks down, time to get a new one

I think this should be apparent to many now

More old dog sleeping (when Callisto doesn’t steal his bed)

Boston Museum of Science, with freaky robot dogs

Pictures in Richmond, England

More Richmond (no Ted Lasso)

Typical English small alley way

Pretty flower

Seeing The Book of Mormon in London

“Fancy” night out at the theater

Fanciest McDonalds I have ever seen

Nice painting in a cathedral

Wooden organ in the same cathedral

The cathedral, in Kristiansand

A big fly statue…not sure why

Flowers in the street, Kristiansand

A fort in Kristiansand

Baz enjoying a super sundae on the cruise ship

A sightseeing bus in Copenhagen - can you see us waving?

Nice building in Copenhagen - I forget what though.

Custom Lego figurine in Copenhagen

Custom Baz figurine

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

More Tivoli

More Tivoli

The family at Tivoli Gardens

Can’t get enough of Tivoli Gardens

A boat ride, smaller than the cruise ship

Nice view of Copenhagen from the boat ride

The Little Mermaid, can you see her?

Low bridge!

Nice spiral tower in Copenhagen

More Copenhagen from the boat ride

Now on to Oslo

Walking around in Oslo

Visiting a fortress in Oslo


Inside the fortress…or was it more of a castle?

You got a nice organ there

A big dining hall in the castle/fortress

We weren’t there to clean the tapestries

Repairing the stained glass windows

Good picture of Baz and a friend

Little passageway in the fortress

Back on the cruise ship leaving Oslo, racing a seagull

Gardens back in Richmond

Night view

On our way to a place we have already been, Leeds Castle!

Leeds Castle grounds

Ducks (and ducklings) at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle in the distance, similar to a picture I took last time

Loved the gardens there

More Leeds Castle

It was a little overcast at Leeds Castle (well, it IS England)

Nice view of Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle had a beautiful garden

More garden

Last garden on our way to the hedge maze

Lost in the hedge maze

Dead end!

A view of the hedge maze from the top of the center “tower”

Doesn’t Baz look happy?

Baz grown up in the same post as last time (reading a pretend book in the library)

More exploring Leeds Castle

Nice little waterfall area

In our private box to see a second play, as Baz’s birthday present

Seeing Hamilton for Baz’s birthday present

Back home, new car was waiting for me

Back home, time to work on Legos again.  It’s taking shape.

Domino back to his favorite pose

Callisto is fitting in - here she is hunting…a thing

Going to the Lost Caverns in San Antonio

Impressive cave!

Only about 8 rooms in the first tour, but each was different

Baz and Heather loved it…Chris too, but he kept bumping his head

Very impressive though

Second tour had different “rooms”

Different structures had different names, like “St. Mary’s Hall”

Spent most of our time looking up

It’s hard to imagine the scale, but these were huge

Carved from an underground river that was still flowing

Maybe more of a stream than a river

I think this one was the Hall of the Mountain King

Dropping Baz back off at school

Setting up the new dorm room

View from Baz’s window (and where Callisto can see outside)

Back home, back to finishing up the Lego Millennium Falcon

Nagini giving me a hug

Millennium Falcon finished after about…6 months?  Maybe 7.

Visiting Yankee Candle for parent’s weekend up at Mt. Holyoke

Domino was happy to see us back home

Conference at the Gaylord, in National Harbor, MD (it was really nice)

Area around the conference hotel

Part of the hotel

Night view from the hotel

Callisto enjoying her hiding place in the dorm room

Domino still spending most time sleeping

Unless it is dinner time