Vitekweb - Texas Edition (ver 2.0)

Welcome to website 2.0.  After a hack of our original website, I took it down and failed to update it for a long time.  I decided to fix that.  While the look has changed, the same pictures from the previous website (which went through 2014) are still here, and now the images go through 2020!

Much has changed - Elizabeth is a  senior in high school (hard to consider when I was loading pictures from 2008!) and applying to colleged (Mt. Holyoke is their first choice).  Heather works at UTRGV as the coordinator of the BSW Field Work program (and loves it).  Chris has been promoted to full professor.  Domino is still here, but now there is a snake, a chameleon, and an outdoor cat as well!

My twitter feed is below, as it a Facebook link.  Feel free to visit my lab page -

Last updated January 2021