Vitek, Christopher

Name:  Christopher John Vitek

Birthdate:  11/13/1970
Birthplace:  Newton, MA
Known Relatives: Vitek, Heather (wife); Vitek, Elizabeth (daughter)
Powers/Abilities:  No superhuman powers.  Keen intellect and easy going nature provide a strong friendship base.  Little strength or endurance.  A sarcastic wit and ironic sense of humor also lead to potential sticky situations.
History:  Christopher Vitek (aka Chris, "V") was born in 1970 in Newton, MA.  He has one sister, born in 1973.  That year his parents also moved to Germany for his father to complete a post-doc.  He moved again in 1976, this time to CT, and one last time in 1980 to TN.  In 1989 Chris attended Drew University in northern NJ, where he met his future wife (then dating his roommate).  He was first employed as a database manager for Drew, and attended graduate school at Clark University in 1997.  He got married in 2000, and had a daughter in 2003.  He is currently unemployed, and looking for a job or post-doc opportunity.