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AMCA poster (2003) - Phenotypic Plasticity in Hatch Rate and Development Rate of Aedes albopictus

Aedes albopictus  collected from Kobe, Japan, were subjected to two frequencies of hatch stimulation.  They exhibited a plasticity response in their hatch rates, with the less frequently stimulated replicates having a higher hatch rate.  While the development rate was not statistically significant by itself, there was a significant treatment/density interaction.  The low frequency treatment had a significant density response (slower development rate at higher densities) while the high frequency treatment did not.

ESA Poster (2003) - Hatch Plasticity in Ochlerotatus triseriatus in Response to Hatch Stimulation Frequency

Ochlerotatus triseriatus were collected in 2002 from 7 sites across the northeaster USA.  These eggs, as well as eggs from an F1 generation, were exposed to a high or a low frequency of hatch stimulation.  Two forms of plasticity were observed - a difference is hatch/no hatch as well as a difference in the hatch rate in response to the frequency.  Both responses were shown to be correlated with environmental factors in the natural habitat - including latitude, rainfall frequency, and mean annual precipitation.

ESA 2005 Poster - Population Dynamics of Culex nigripalus in Florida

Field experiments were conducted to monitor the population of Culex nigripalpus in Florida and measure the influence of various factors on virus transmission. Mosquitoes were captured using chicken baited lard can traps at three locations. Ground aspirator collections of resting mosquitoes also provided information on the age structure of the population. Population levels varied from site to site, but all sites showed an increase in Cx. nigripalpus towards the end of the 2005 collection season. Parity status of empty female mosquitoes was determined by observation of dissected ovaries. Parity rates seem to correlate with rainfall patterns. Infection and transmission rates are currently being measured.